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ABN: 78 476 516 933
RBN: BN000000


PO Box Q1379 QVB Post Office Sydney NSW 1230 Australia

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enterdomain is a Domain Name Solutions business, focused on providing interactive tools for domain names, web sites, email and access logs management.

The business was founded in July, 2001 (ABN: 78 476 516 933), and has been growing ever since. It out-sources services to other companies, in an effort to remain strong in the area of customer service, however, some of the simpler tools are maintained by the business itself.

With an aim of being a one-stop-shop in the very near future, the business is to draw together even dial-up for internet access, as well as online email, keeping the entire service in an orientation that allows for its clients to use it on-the-fly as well as at home or from work.

At enterDomain, we deign to make it as easy to work for our team, as it is for our clients to use its services, and employees are managed on a basis of logging into the system remotely, checking in and then checking out at the end of their session. This strategy is in view for making the business comfortable to work for, as calm and happy employees create the height of customer service, which the business will always aspire for.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome, as the service that we provide is entirely reliant on our customers' satisfaction. You can email us, or simply submit your information through our contact form.

We hope that the information here-in has been satisfactory to your queries in regards enterDomain. In the event that we have failed to cover something of specific interest to you about our business, please feel free to contact us.

Sincerest regards,

Managing Director

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